Virden Police Department
Contemporary photo of the North side of the Square looking East.
Just about the same shot circa 1920. Notice the corbeling and the decorative sheet metal and iron facades on the fronts of the buildings. The Department of Natural Resources has a good site detailing the Meskers Company. Just click cancel if prompted for a username and password.
North side of the square looking west. Notice the Illinois Terminal tracks and signal are still there. When the pavement around the square was re-done not so long ago it was discovered the tracks are still there.
Another shot of the North Side of the square on a long-ago winter’s day. Lighting was usually better looking North because of the angle of the sun, and time was not as critical as it was in shots looking East (afternoon) or West (morning.)
Titled “Illinois Pastoral,” the  mural painted by James Daugherty in 1939 was a project commisioned by the Works Progress Administration.
Demolition of the housing complex at Rimini, 2.24.2019.