Virden Police Department
The increasing popularity of e-commerce, or, the trading, buying and selling of merchandise through the use of the various social media venues, has revolutionized the way we do business. Unfortunately, there has been a concurrent revolution in the way less-than-honest people prey on the honest people among us. For this reason, our department, along with an increasing number of other departments have created E-Commerce Exchange Zones for your face-to-face transactions. As illustrated below, our E- Commerce Exchange Zone is located in front of our station house in order for us to monitor, for your safety, any transactions you may have arraigned. In addition, the area is under continuous recorded video surveillance. We are staffed 24/7 should a need for our assistance arise. The 2 parking slots in front of the sign are reserved for this purpose. In order to assist you, feel free to call us in advance to let us know if you are planning a transaction at 217.965.4474 or 217.965.1435.